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I had a gas hot water heater in my last rental home and I thought that it was costing me too much through my LPG gas bills. I did also have a gas stove, which I much prefer to electric stoves, for stove top cooking. What I didn’t realise, until I moved out of that home, was that if I had of had an electric hot water heater I would have been paying far more for my hot water. Electricity prices have risen around fifty percent, in Australia, over the last five years. A gas hot water heater is the smart way to go when heating hot water around the home, or for your business.

My gas hot water heater was a gas storage tank style hot water system, and I have since learnt, that this is not the most cost efficient type of gas hot water heater available in the market. The gas continuous flow tankless hot water unit is the pre-eminent gas hot water heater, in terms of design and engineering, which directly contribute to its energy efficiency. The water is heated right in the copper pipe network, encased within the hot water unit itself, and there is no storage of hot water involved. The technology allows the water to be heated instantly, and on demand, whenever you turn your hot taps on.

Many manufacturing companies make and sell the gas continuous flow tankless hot water unit, including: Rinnai; Rheem; Bosch; Dux; Aquamax; Chromegen; and many more. The more environmentally conscious hot water heater manufacturers indicate that the energy efficiency of the gas continuous flow tankless hot water unit makes it a better choice for domestic, and commercial, hot water heating. Why do they consider it a better environmental choice? Because its energy efficiency in heating hot water reduces demand for electricity produced by coal powered electricity plants; and this in turn reduces Australia’s carbon footprint.

As an alternative to a gas hot water heater, you could look at solar powered hot water systems, which are often gas boosted. There are now over one million homes in Australia with solar powered hot water heaters; we are finally making use of our sun drenched climate. Plus there is the impressive hot water heat pump, which takes the heat directly out of the surrounding atmosphere and transfers it, to heating your hot water.

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